About Babble

Many times during our lives we may feel that we need to do things on our own without anyone else’s help. Sometimes this can be cathartic other times it can leave you with a feeling of loneliness and emptiness and possibly a mild feeling of despair.  Everyone needs to understand that we are not islands and it is healthy to reach out to look for support.

We have support from friends, family, colleagues, and of course our new Babble Team.

If you look back, you may see that at different points in your life, you relied on different people and different support networks for different things you have been trying to achieve.  Depending on our age, needs wants, and desires, we have turned to different people in our support system to assist with different areas of our lives.  Many of you here today I have met through your own need of support through your journey.

As we grow and age, some of us feel that relying on others is a flaw or limitation, or perhaps they feel they can now do it on their own….. that is NOT true!

Reaching out to others in our support system is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength. That is one of the core reasons I developed Babble.

Babble is here to guide you, advise you, support you teach you, motivate you and open your eyes to different and new ways of becoming the healthier, happy, and emotionally and physically fit you, that you want to become or maintain.