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How to Have a Healthy Easter Weekend

Easter is just a few weeks away and with everything going on in our lives and with everything going on in the world, the Easter long weekend can be a great opportunity to take a well-earned break.

An opportunity to relax and catch up with people who are important to you in your life.

However, this is a time of year when lots of us tend to over-indulge and while it simply takes a few minutes or perhaps a few seconds to consume a 120gm Easter egg, I want you to remember it takes 80 minutes of strenuous exercise to burn the kilojoules off.

This time of year can be very challenging for many of us trying to develop healthier eating habits.

The overconsumption of sugary foods, such as chocolate and sweets can upset what we are trying to achieve with our health and fitness. We all need to remember that the added burden of getting older in life can put us at risk of chronic health problems. So even if you have the odd chocolate here or there, it does not mean you have to let the Easter Break, break the healthy habits we have developed.

Here are some tips we can focus on to avoid over-indulging at Easter

  1. Kick off the day the right way!
  2. Have plenty of healthy snacks available
  3. Don’t put on the perfect hat!
  4. Plan exercise with someone special
  5. Eat Dark Chocolate
  6. Eat the sweet stuff last!

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