What is the Non-Diet Approach?

It does not view dieting, energy restriction, being told what to eat or when to eat, following rules or placing judgement on food choices. The goal is to eliminate dieting practices and replace them with a holistic approach. The Non-Diet approach embraces emotional and physical health. The Approach focuses on improving health and behaviours that affect our overall health, fitness and wellbeing. We learn to enhance the skills that respond to internal eating cues, develop self-care and have a non-judgemental attitude towards ourselves and food.

Diet Mentality

Whenever we restrict ourselves, keep foods off-limits and out of the house, or look at certain foods as “good” or “bad”, we end up going overboard or have a hard time saying no whenever we are confronted with these foods. Restriction and deprivation breed guilt, which eventually leads to overeating or binging. Whenever you limit the amount or type of food you eat, you’re setting yourself up to overeat in the future. This is why one of the main principles of intuitive eating is to make peace with food.

All or Nothing Approach

When we think of the all or nothing approach, you are basically saying that everything is either black or white…… you never see grey and what you are actually conveying to yourself is that you need to be perfect all the time and if you’re not perfect, then you are a failure. There is no in-between, no grey space, no area for living life and being human.