Food Addictions

Food addiction is similar to several other disorders, including binge eating disorder, bulimia, compulsive overeating, and other feeding and eating disorders. Though most studies suggest that food addiction is a highly controversial concept. It works similarly to drug addiction.

All or Nothing Approach

When we think of the all or nothing approach, you are basically saying that everything is either black or white…… you never see grey and what you are actually conveying to yourself is that you need to be perfect all the time and if you’re not perfect, then you are a failure. There is no in-between, no grey space, no area for living life and being human.

Prioritising Your Health

It is interesting asking people the question ‘is their health a priority? Why you might wonder because most of them would respond with a yes, but how many of us do make it a priority is a very different thing. With all the things we cram into a day … from your work, housework, caring for our loved ones, paying bills, after school activities, and many other day to day tasks that need to be completed, we just don’t do it, or perhaps don’t do it consistently!